Friday, July 25, 2008

How to Be Popular By Meg Cabot

The Red Super Big Gulp ruined Stephanie's chance of ever being popular, or even well liked! Now whenever someone does something stupid, it's always "OMG, I pulled a Steph Landry!" So when she finds an old book in the attic named, of course, How to Be Popular, she follows the rules to a T. And it works! She does become popular, but at what price? Her best friends Jason and Becca are freaked out by her new behavior and wardrobe, while the school Queen Bee, Lauren, is making sure Steph stays at the bottom of the social ladder. Stephanie quickly learns that becoming popular is easy, staying popular is hard. Will losing her friends, family trust, and herself be worth sitting with the A-crowd, and super hot Mark Finley (Lauren's boyfriend), at lunch? Or will her popular guide help her see what was right in front of her face all along?

I love Meg Cabot! Her characters are always so real and slightly geeky. I mean they are never the super popular one or the prettiest one. They are usually the super plain Jane just trying to get by in the world. Like everyone else! Once again she creates a protagonist who makes you cheer for her victories and anguish alongside her when she falls. Steph Landry, as well as other Cabot characters, has a great sense of humor that brings out the understanding nods from anyone reading this book. A great read with wonderful advice that is so not preachy, Steph is a normal 11th grader lusting after boys, popularity, and acceptance.
Gr. 8-11

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