Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Creation

Not as easy as you would think. I have always wanted to have a blog regarding the reviewing of books. As a class assignment requirement it kinda kicked my butt into gear. It was harder than I thought because a lot is put into a blog you plan on using. Colors, title, style--all of these things reflect who you are. After some time spent on preparing this blog, I am pleased with the final outcome. Now I just need time to read so I can actually review those books!

Before we were to actually create our blog we were asked to look at other blogs as well. I checked out Alice in Infoland and Reading Rants. I am new to Alice, but I have been reading RR for quite some time. It keeps me coming back because it is informative and specific. In other words, it gets straight to the point! I love the information given on the books; just enough to make me run to the library and stock up! It's a clean blog without just enough visual stimulation for me as well. I really enjoy and use it constantly when trying to find books to read and recommend.

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Chris B. said...

I love the look of your blog. It has the clean, attractive look that you mentioned for Reading Rants. I hope it becomes a successful addition to your library!